From a noted new author comes a brilliantly original collection of poems that explore the experience of pregnancy through the curious lens of medical technology. Playing on the intersections between life and gestation, knowledge and curiosity, love and fear, Elizabeth Percer presents an unflinchingly tender and honest meditation on the mysterious condition known as pregnancy.


It looks like a great sea snake

rising from your middle.

And the twin swells of your hips

are locked beneath it,

like those oddly hinged creatures

that live rooted to the bottom

of the world. In order for you

to be born, in order

for you to breathe, 

they will cut this great thing

between us, and it will wither

even as you are still rooting,

the blood that connected us will be drying

black scarlet. Still, my milk will rise,

my body will offer its sustainable

liquids. Though you will be sure

to teach me distance, and its grace,

through your calls and your demands,

your infant displeasure with dependency,

it won’t be easy. For a while — who knows how long —

I will hold fast to the truncated line,

​will mark the faint gasps of your swallows in time.




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