Scriblore is a unique kind of editing service. In addition to top-notch, in-depth manuscript editing, Elizabeth helps her clients take a closer look at how they can thrive as writers now and into the future.

Working with Liza led to agent representation for my first novel. She is an invaluable resource not only for editorial projects, but in helping debut authors navigate the complexities of the publishing process. She works closely with our professional writers group in providing editorial, educational and academic expertise. Liza has a deft, supportive touch, allowing the true voice of the author to shine through. It is an absolute joy and honor to work with her.

Elizabeth Percer is a brilliant wordsmith and teacher. I wouldn't be the writer I am today without her insightful editorial advice and kind encouragement early in my career.

Elizabeth is that rare hybrid of an academic, creative writer, and mentor. But more than those stellar qualities what I took back from her both as a teacher and an editor was her deep interest in the work of others, which is seldom found in writers of her calibre. She pointed out conceptual, language, and development possibilities in my writing that I hadn't seen before and I had revised and rewritten the same material for over five years! I would recommend her for serious writers from all backgrounds who are looking for a mentor to move their work in all directions it can go in.

What's Different About Scriblore?

Scriblore isn’t just about getting your manuscript into shape, though diving into the nitty-gritty details of editing is an indispensable part of the overall process. But while most editors will focus exclusively on the work, Elizabeth also specializes in going beyond a specific piece of writing to focus on the writer. When you hire Elizabeth, you’re not just hiring someone to help get a particular manuscript into shape; you’re also hiring someone to take on the far more challenging and rewarding goal of discovering what helps you to thrive as a writer no matter where your current work might take you.

Our Services

Several tiers of developmental and content editing are available for writers at all stages of the game. Whether you just want to get a bead on your opening chapters or have 120,000 words to wrangle, Elizabeth offers the support you need.

Editorial Consultation

Editorial Consultation with Ten-Page Review

The Macro Edit

The Micro Edit

Writer's Group Intensive


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